I … Oh, I spread my wings / Maybe, we could fly / Every time we walk into the light Sadness, I … Lyrics for Send Me A Sign by Sam Clark I ran to hide knew you'd never find me I really tried to be okay Without you here the walls are closing I don't know how to find my way I'll shine a light for you alone Day and night you were my home I really need to start over again Even though I was living a … So Send me a Sign Show me what I should do Only one wish to tell A word sincerely signed just for you. So send me a sign Send me a sign (Send me a sign) Cause I don't have anywhere to be tonight Think about it, it could be just you and I (Send me a sign) Cause you're the only thing that's worth more than time So send me a sign Send me a sign (Send me) Send me a sign (A sign) Send Me a Sign Lyrics: Oh, we move / Through the thick and the thin / When it's all we can do / Take a stand, don't lose / Not a moment to thinking you got something to prove / And we you have to say
He had the gift of prophecy He gave a guarding light to me I know, he set my spirit free. Send me a sign Tell me you've arrived Write it in the stars of a newborn's eyes It's hope, peace, all I'll ever need if you just send me sign Hey, can't wait To reach for the top until we're over the hill Then it's hard Too late Didn't know this was always part of the deal And we you have to hang it up, know you've made your peace Send me a sign For too long you kept me waiting Send me a sign From the eternal skies Send me a sign Send me a sign. Lyrics to 'Send Me A Sign' by StorySide:B. Wake to the sound of amazing grace Pull back the shades to a deep blue grey Check the reflection and look to the sky Weigh both sides and wonder why You beg for peace you beg for the day Read or print original Send Me A Sign lyrics 2020 updated! Send Me A Sign Lyrics: Out of the dark / He came without a warning / The guarding light / I didn't see... / On a story teller's night / He spoke his words of wisdom / The tales he told from far beyond Send me a sign lyrics: Looking for something, it must be love I don't expect nothing, in a world so tough It's just like an adventure, between you and me I feel like a stranger in my fantasy Can nobody see me? Send me a sign - For too long you kept me waiting Send me a sign - From the eternal skies Send me a sign Send me a sign He disappeard In the early haze of morning And with him left his prophecies They didn't care... All the years that passed away He's locked inside my head His tales became reality The prophecies he said He was the chosen one to see

Winter paved my way, couldn't see nor believe I watched the snow highlighting my grief.

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