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Example in a sentence: We had limited time, so we drove to grandma's house expeditiously. Hansen supports the bill because his city wants an expeditious cleanup. The work was carried out as expeditiously as possible. 21 sentence examples: 1. Examples of 'expeditious' in a sentence expeditious. The judge said that arbitration was a fair and expeditious decision-making process. 2. The president said it should be fair, constitutional and expeditious. Expeditious definition: Expeditious means quick and efficient . The matter has certainly been handled expeditiously by the authorities. 3. ‘The system enables controllers to implement accurate, safe and expeditious approach plans to increase safety and airport efficiency.’ ‘We believe that the implementation of the resolution requires a full withdrawal in as expeditious a manner as possible.’ expeditious in a sentence - Use "expeditious" in a sentence 1. Expeditiously definition, characterized by promptness; quick: an expeditious answer to an inquiry. 2. 4. Letters of Request are to be | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples We will carry out the enquiry as expeditiously as possible. Expeditiously means to do something fast. Synonyms: quick, fast, active, prompt More Synonyms of expeditious. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

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