Fruits of the genus citrus tend to be some of my favorites, and I rarely find one that my taste buds do not agree with (although I am not very partial to grapefruit). Palestinian Sweet Lime - Large Fruit Tree Exotic Fruit Trees Very juicy and tender fruit, thin skin, acid-less, great addition to your rare citrus collection.

This sweet lime is remarkably affected by climatic influences.
That's when you need a delicious Palestine Lime. The fruit was very insipid, almost completely devoid of an acid content. Offered in full … Palestine Limes aren't ripe until they turn a soft yellow (not green like other limes).

Discover the complete import data for Palestinian Sweet Lime, including top importing countries, import markets, average import price, and in-depth analysis of importing countries. In my opinion the least tasty citrus that I have ever grown. Mousami, Palestinian sweet lime, sweet lime. The Worst Fruit I’ve Ever Tasted: The Palestinian Sweet Lime. I used to grow the Palestinian Sweet Lime. But this was before the Palestinian Sweet Lime (PSL). Indian sweet lime is a small evergreen tree with few thorns, growing 4 – 6 meters tall. Download from thousands of premium palestinian sweet lime closeup tree stock photos by Megapixl. By Mac 2 Comments. That's when you need a delicious Palestine Lime. Desert-grown fruit differs so greatly in size, color, form, and rind texture from that produced in the cool, equable coastal region that the inexperienced observer would consider them to … Palestinian sweet lime is also used as a citrus rootstock. But sometimes that lime taste is just a little overwhelming and lemon just won't work. Product Description. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc. After tasting the fruit I tossed out the tree to replace it with another cultivar. Note: The image is for reference purpose only.

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