Assuming it's an actual Webley, and not a Belgian copy of some kind - can I use the Fiocchi 450 Corto ammo in it?

If not, is there a custom ammo maker you can recommend - or are there other types of vintage ammo I should be searching for?

Try older gun shots and gun shows. Most of the British 32s were based on the .320 center fire which Colt copied for it's small pistols. Bulldog revolvers were sold at an average cost of $3 – $4 at a time when guns from Smith & Wesson or Colt were selling for $12 – $16, and they were double action at a time when the larger US companies were still stuck on single action designs. 44 Bulldog Ammunition An old.44 caliber round used by the British was the 44 Bulldog, which came out in 1880. We call it .32 Short and Long Colt. Easier to find than British ammo but still not on most shelves. Hi - I'm considering buying a British Bulldog revolver, allegedly chambered in 450 Adams (I haven't seen it yet).

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