Only thing is, it didn't happen. The Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede...Since the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in May of 1883, elephants have crossed into lower Manhattan.

Photo credit: Joe Reginella. Copy.

Elephants eat fruits during "Jumbo's coming to DUMBO" where Asian Elephants dance in a party at Brooklyn Bridge to commemorate its inaugural show. On May 17, 1884, famed showman P.T. Absent from most history books is a hard-to-believe human-pachyderm tragedy: the Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede — whose victims finally got their due last week when a …

Direct Link. Well, not QUITE. NYC Urban Legends. The elephant stampede took place on October 29, 1929, the day of the massive Wall Street crash. Barnum's elephants proved it was safe. Barnum decided to unleash a public spectacle by leading a menagerie of his … New York City is the perfect place for urban fabulists like sculptor Joe Reginella, the creator of the new Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede monument. The crush was exacerbated by fears the bridge was about to collapse. Image courtesy Joe Reginella. In 2017, if a memorial or monument was in the news, it was probably getting argued over, pulled down, or … Memorializing that dark day in history is a … October 29th, 1929, to some, is known as Black Friday… The day of the great stock market crash.

Dedicated to the triumph of the will of these elephants and the poor souls who stood in their way. Download. P.T.

Last year, he displayed a monument in Brooklyn Bridge Park that memorialized a Brooklyn Bridge elephant stampede. It was a hallowed and wholesome tradition, started by world-famous showman, P.T. A close-up of the Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede Memorial.

Reginella, who lives in Staten Island, is a professional sculptor. The tugboat crew "vanished" on the night of … Hold to copy.

Hold to copy.

Posted On Wed, May 30 ... the prized giant African elephant, led the pack of circus animals.
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The memorial to the 1929 Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede.
Learn all there is to know about New York City's most compelling mysteries & forgotten tragedies.

Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede Similar to Reginella's first fake news story, the Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede is said to have occurred during another major crisis which overshadowed the chaos.

In 2017, a monument to the “Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede” popped up in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede Memorial. The Brooklyn Bridge, which we walk over on the “Best of Brooklyn-The Brooklyn Revolution” tour , was a massive achievement in the annals of engineering. One week after the Brooklyn Bridge opened, a rumor of its collapse caused a fatal stampede .

Posted On Wed, May 30 ... the prized giant African elephant, led the pack of circus animals. The Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede Monument is dedicated to the triumph of the will of these elephants…and the poor souls that stood in their way. In New York, you may stumble across a weathered bronze statue dedicated to the Brooklyn Bridge Elephant Stampede. New York City's most Horrific Land Mammal Triumph & Tragedy. Embed Responsive Play Sound Remove Logo.

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