Likewise, other Asian cultures such as those in India and Cambodia also followed Astrological beliefs alongside Buddhism and Hinduism. Many cultures believe that there are colors associated with each day of the week. These planets are very strong and have a huge influence on our lives. Similarly, the colors you choose to wear—on International Women’s Day especially—undoubtedly will carry an unspoken meaning that’s louder than words.

Each planet has an influencing colour. There is a definite colour for each day too. In Indian astrology the seven days of the week are associated with the planets as well as with their Lords. Every day has its own lucky color which symbolizes the planetary function. Wear colours according to days.
Colour can influence our mood and work majorly. For example, in Thailand, the Queen actually used to wear colored dresses conforming to the color of the day. The Seven days in a week are ruled by seven planets, which is further compounded to seven numbers in numerology.

Do you know that each day in a week is presided by some planet in our solar system? Read on to learn more about why black and five other colors will have the most impact on March 8, and shop some of our favorite options in each hue. Life is full of colours. Weekday colors (according to the Ayurveda) 2007-08-21 Peter 14 Comments I was recently introduced to the fact that, in some cultures, the days of the week have associated colors, and that one might take these into account when choosing what to wear, to eat or drink.

In India, astrologers […]

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