According to the guide it says: 9. Hyper Stat Points are given when you level up to level 140 or higher.

Dawn Warrior Guide Hi, I'm Tim, I main a Dawn Warrior (abbreviated as DW from here on in), I was asked to write a guide on them. Hyper Stats are new. I tried looking up a guide, but the most recent one I could find seems rather odd. Hello, my name is Timmy and I've been playing Maplestory for several years now. Hyper … Không tăng nếu bạn là Kanna, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Zero, Angelic Buster ha The Demon is part of the Resistance. They are of the Warrior branch, specializing with One-Handed Blunt Weapons and One-Handed Axes for Demon Slayer and Desperados for Demon Avenger. As you can see, as the level of a Hyper Stat increases, it requires more and more Hyper Stat Points. I know HP will be the top priority for damage, but what do I work on after that one? You gain 30 HP per AP. Demon Avenger Suggestions.

Additionally, they have a special shield called Demon Aegis which grows as the Demon … Demon Slayer Forum Talk about Demon Slayer 76waystodie Level 222 Scania Demon Slayer 4 So... since the Reboot patch just happened, what would be the best hyper stat build for a Demon Slayer? Reactions: 820. It depends on your current gear breakdown. Autoassign will put all your points into HP. Posts: 18. Demon Avenger) = 19) If the rules before this rule have all been followed, the exception is that if there are still Hyper Passive Skill Points left, Hyper Passive Skill Points can be added to skills ***which reduce skill cooldown = The calculator can't optimize the Hyper Stat Level you want for stats like Bonus EXP or Arcane Force for example, so you need to set the level yourself. Your damage will be affected by your max HP and remaining HP. When it comes to scrolling Armor, 10 primary stat for non-Demon Avenger classes is equivalent to 675 HP for a Demon Avenger, which is a huge difference to the 30% Spell Trace scrolls for HP especially since Prime Scrolls benefit secondary stat for others as well. Hyper Health (MAX) 10. The Hyper Stats you need to set the level yourself are indicated by the gray colored cells. Hyper Health (MAX) 10. It will be at its lowest at 70% HP, and highest at 100% HP. The Demon Avenger uses only HP for his skills and his overall damage inflicted on enemies depends on it. This is your clean range. Point for point, %critdmg stats give the lowest benefit of the lot. Levelling up Hyper Stats cost Hyper Stat Points. Passive stats from HYPER SKILLS (not hyper stats) are ignored. Amount of Hyper Stat Points given increases as your level increases every 10 levels. MapleStory Demon Avenger is a Demon part of the Resistance class and Warrior branch who wields a Desperado and Demon Aegis. November 2017 edited August 2018 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests. Demon Avenger's Mastery is 20% like all other melee classes. markred626 Level 233 Broa Demon Avenger 4 @samuraiman hp don't werth more after 5 because you are sacrifing other stats for hp% wich you can get from anyhwhere Jan 03 2016 I know HP will be the top priority for damage, but what do I work on after that one?

Character Statistics, or stats, is the build of a character. HP: Demon Avenger (MAX) STR/DEX/INT/LUK: cho nhân vật nào có main stat là STR/DEX/INT/LUK (MAX). Some Hyper Stats stops at Level 10 while others stops at Level 15. I know HP will be the top priority for damage, but what do I work on after that one? His main stat is HP. Unlike other warrior classes, Avenger has no use for Strength or Dexterity; auto-assign stats are added to HP, but thanks to Blood Pact , Avenger can ignore the stat requirements of equipment, but he still needs to be at that gear's specific level. Hyper Speed (MAX) 11. Demon Avenger is one of MapleStory Resistance Warrior born with special abilities and traits.

Heya, I was wanting to ask if anyone knew what Hyper Stats I should be working on for Demon Avenger? Demon Avenger uses HP as its primary stat and Strength as its secondary stat. According to the guide it says: 9.

Every 10 levels after Level 140, Hyper Stat Points you get upon level up will be increased. 2) %maxcritdmg and %mincritdmg each gives only half the contribution, because %avgcritdmg is averaged between %maxcritdmg and %mincritdmg. Kanna: Demon Fury (MAX). No other stats affect its damage.

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