Rated as among the top 5 best and most extreme haunted houses in the world, the Freakling Brothers haunted experiences are definitely not for the faint of heart. The "extreme haunted experience" can take up to ten hours to complete and will award the winner $20,000 if … A haunted tour experience that spans two states and lasts up to 10 hours requires its participants to clear a background check, pass a doctor's physical and mental exams, and sign a … They make you sign waivers, suffocate you and push you teary eyed and screaming into pitch black unknown.
These are the most extreme haunted house attractions in America! Who: Russ McKamey and the team behind McKamey Manor. Similar to NYC’s beyond-extreme Blackout haunted house, which is basically a no-boundaries torture chamber where you’re the tortured, McKamey Manor takes its theatrics to another level of hell.

No, these are demented, extreme, full-contact experiences designed to strip you of your sanity. They have 3 different haunted houses, and their Gates of Hell experience is the "only R-rated" haunted house … “Extreme” haunted houses, which aim … Why we care: Enter the haunted house that seems like it could actually make a ghost out of its visitors.

Hundreds of haunted house attractions alarm and delight Americans each year, particularly around Halloween. This 21-and-over not-so-funhouse makes you sign a waiver and gives you a safe word before having you and your pals star in your very own horror movie. Claiming to be the world's most extreme haunted house, it grinds down guests through sheer terror, force feeding them, riding them, shouting in … McKamey Manor has taken the haunted house game to a whole new level.

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