Because the Source engine, which is what L4D runs on, is ancient and utilizes minimal resources, whereas Dying Light runs on Chrome Engine 6, which happens to be cutting edge and provides way better graphics. Hope this helps! Install patches 1.4 to 1.6 in an orderly fashion to that dying light folder inside.

Verify your game files in Steam by going into your Games Library, right-clicking Dying Light -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game cache. Now click launcher inside Program files/Dying Light Installation Folder/Dying Light When the game starts, go on Options>Online>change it to 'LAN' This took some 5mins and RO2 was available to be played again. If all above fails I am afraid that you might have to do a clean re-installation of Steam and Dying Light from scratch. If my parents old-♥♥♥ 1990-something computer can open Left 4 Dead, explain how my two year-old can't open Dying Light. Solution was: I let steam download the game again and it asked me for a folder. Available now, in its most complete edition yet – elevating the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Steam then said that it is checking the already installed files. Phew that was lucky =) Glad you got it working! Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is the quintessential open world zombie game.

So I choose the same where RO2 was still installed.

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