Planting a Goji berry bush. Black Goji is self-fertile but may set heavier crops if other Black Goji’s are planted nearby. Plant Abundance 257,099 views.

Plan in plants for pollination, edible plants, and plants to help beautify your berry … You can even grow Gogi bushes as a hedge or you can train them to a trellis, in which case, they can get as tall as 10-feet.

Sun and Good Soil Your plant would love a sunny place with well-drained, fertile soil. Picking Fresh Goji Berry For Eating & Harvesting Seed - Duration: 4:16. Normally gourmet garlic seed is the last thing planted in my garden each fall, but this year a new plant filled that role in my backyard… Goji Berry Plants! You can email the photos to the address listed on my “contact me” page, thanks. Use of stems and leaves is little known in the United States, but the highest concentrations of healthful antioxidants can be found in the leaves . Acid Loving Companion Plants for Blueberries. The sweet fruits of a blueberry bush only appear if the roots are submerged in acidic soil. The key to companion planting is knowing which families your plants belong to. Bonus: Good companion planting will not only help your garden thrive but will help repel pests, too.

Pollination Requirements: Goji is self-fertile. Serviceberries (Oregon State University)Serviceberry goes by several names, including Juneberry, Saskatoon, and mountain blueberry, but whatever it is called, the serviceberry is a rangy and delicious option for a hardy food forest. Adult plants can grow up to 8-feet high and wide, though some gardeners prune their plants to keep them within a desired size range. They work into Zone 4 and will tolerate some shade, though they do like sunlight, as with most berries. … Companion Plants – Unknown. Goji berry plant bears fruit on the present year’s wood, that is grown in the fall or spring.

You can grow Goji Berry plants in the ground in any relatively sunny location, as long as you have room for expansion. PDF pdf Goji Berry Planting & Growing Guide For centuries the Chinese have used parts of the entire goji berry plant for food or medicine. Both the leaves and berries can be eaten, although it’s best to leave the leaves until after Autumn.

You may already be familiar with Goji Berries if you keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of nutritional supplements. See more ideas about Berry plants, Berries and Plants. Drought tolerant and hardy to USDA Zone 5. Latin Name: Lycium ruthenicum Site and Soil: Black Goji Berry likes full to half-day sun and well-drained soil. Nov 15, 2013 - Explore kristjanags's board "goji berry plant", followed by 2535 people on Pinterest. Hi Corey, I would love to see the photos of your goji berry plants and may be able to include them in an upcoming article that I’m planning about propagating goji berry plants. Pruning is done to limit the height of plant, improve light penetration and air circulation and to encourage the growth of lateral branches to increase fruit production. If you’re not familiar with the Goji berry (Lycium barbarum), it is an exotic berry originating in the temperate and subtropical regions in China, Mongolia and in the Himalayas in Tibet. Goji berry is considered a super good and is high in Amino acids, iron, zinc, selenium, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, and a respectable amount of protein.

... Health Benefits and Uses – The goji berry is widely known as being a “Super Fruit” packed with vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. Plant selection Part 3: Companion plants . New Fruit Variety for the Home Garden. Top 5 Companion Plants to Maximize Yields, Enhance Flavor and Deter Pests - Duration: 8 ... Five Different Types of Goji Berry Plant - Duration: 5:26. When selecting your companion plants think about the service you want them to provide. Essentially, you want to plant Hatfields next to Hatfield allies and not next to McCoys. Most berry plants are self-pollinating, but for a larger fruit and crop plant more than one variety.

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