Latin Term. Explanation. Latin words for judgement include iudicium, judicium and sententia. If a contract is entered under false pretenses, a judge can decide that the contract never existed and is therefore nonbinding. Term or phrase Literal translation Definition and use English pron a fortiori: from stronger An a fortiori argument is an "argument from a stronger reason", meaning that, because one fact is true, a second (related and included) fact must also be true. Find more Latin words at!

IPA : /dʒʌdʒmənt/, enPR: jŭj'mənt; Noun . Often used in reference to contracts, ab initio means a court decision is applied to the start of the issue as opposed to when problems arose. From Old French jugement, from Late Latin iūdicāmentum. Ab initio (From the beginning) From the beginning. Briefly, the form without the -e is preferred in American English, and in law globally, while the form with the -e is preferred in non-legal use in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South African English. Real-World Use. judgement (countable and uncountable, plural judgements) (chiefly Commonwealth of Nations) Alternative spelling of judgment. Legal Definition. See Judgment: Spelling for discussion of spelling usage of judgment versus judgement. Pronunciation .

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