Paul's intentions within the prison epistles to visit Philemon [22] and Philippi [2:24] are strong proof that Paul did not travel to Spain immediately after being released from prison on 63 AD. From there we traveled to Philippi, a Roman colony and the leading city of that district of Macedonia. "Acts 29" 63-64 AD. Open the map and get your Bible. When Paul traveled to a new place, if there was a synagogue, he always went there. On Pentecost in 50 A.D. Lydia is baptized along with her entire household (Acts 16:12 - 15).

I have also included a map of Paul's journeys below since this article refers to so many different geographical locations. P- PAUL (“I have run the race; I have kept the faith.”) A - ANTIOCH of Pisidia First Journey C - CORINTH area Second Journey E - EPHESUS area Third Journey R - ROME Fourth Journey Paul’s Early Travels Acts 9-12 Choose volunteers to read Acts 17:1-3. Paul traveled through Cyprus on his first missionary journey (Acts 13:4–5), as did Barnabas and Mark later . Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey Barnes’ Bible Charts • Antioch in Syria to Cilician Gates • Cilician gates to Derbe • Derbe to Lystra • Lystra to Iconium • Iconium to Antioch in Pisidia • Phrygia and Galatia • To Troas • Troas to Samothrace • Samothrace to Neapolis • Neapolis to Philippi • Philippi to Amphipolis Put a around the cities Paul visited. From Troas we put out to sea and sailed straight for Samothrace, and the next day we went on to Neapolis. How to Remember Paul’s Journeys Paul was a PACER in a race! Paul, while in Philippi, casts a demon out of a female slave (Acts 16:16 - 18). Paul’s Ministry at Philippi ... At Lystra Paul decided to take Timothy along on the journey as a disciple. Using a map of Paul’s Second Missionary journey have students point to the last place Paul and his team shared the Good News (Philippi). From Neapolis the group goes to Philippi, where a woman named Lydia hears Paul's preaching. Cyprus After being persecuted, some Saints fled to this island . (A pacer takes the lead or sets an example.) The detailed chronology follows this section. …

He traveled back to some of the cities before returning to Antioch.

Apostle Paul to Philippi: Sowing the Seeds of Christianity. Draw a line starting with Antioch (Syria) and connect to each city Paul traveled.

Follow Paul’s first journey: Acts 13:1-14; 14:1, 6, 20-21, 25-26.

Paphos Paul … Here is a summary of the years of Paul's journeys and his epistles.

Paul always went “to the Jew first,” which meant preaching first in the local synagogues. Acts 17:1 After meeting with the believers at Lydia’s house, Paul and Silas leave Luke behind in Philippi and travel along the Via Egnatia through Amphipolis and Apollonia (see Map 24).. Amphipolis and Apollonia. It was 30 miles from Philippi to Thessalonica. 4th Missionary Journey: Crete, Miletus, Colossae, Troas, Philippi, Corinth, Nicopolis.

Paul and Silas, then, probably accompanied by Timothy (who, however, is not expressly mentioned in Acts between 16:1 and 17:14), left Philippi for Thessalonica, but Luke apparently remained behind, for the "we" of Acts 16:10-17 does not appear again until 20:5, when Paul is once more leaving Philippi on his last journey to Jerusalem. Let’s find Thessalonica on the map. Tarsus Paul’s hometown; Paul was sent here by the Brethren to protect his life (Acts 9:29–30).

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