Rebranding announcement. Here are 20 examples of launch announcement emails that show you how to do just that. Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity A Letter to Our Customers These days, staying one step ahead of the competition will more than likely leave you standing two steps behind.

As part of our rebranding strategy, our company name will change from Von Watts Graphics LLC to 8393 Creative Solutions LLC. Your brand is the way the world views your business. 4 Business Announcement Letter Email Format Write this letter in a formal and active tone. Choosing to pursue rebranding your business can come with lots of stress attached. As valued clients, we’re excited to announce that as of January 2017, we’re rebranding. This sample letter to employees, announcing a new brand, may come in handy. It is used to inform customers about important things happening in the business. Rebranding is about more than just slapping up a new logo and calling it a day. The company will now be referred to as the We Company. In this post, we talk about how we rolled out this new brand, what we needed to plan for and the things we needed to consider. 20 examples of announcement emails Show your product (Quip) What this product announcement email does right: Show, don’t tell. Your announcement email’s purpose is to make a clear promise – to show people how your product can help them. Mention this new email address in your message, and be sure to send the email from the new email address. How to roll out a new brand identity In case you missed it, we have already blogged about how we created our new brand identity before we started trading in January 2013. Mention any email address change. The letter is written in a formal note and is usually short, containing only relevant details. As you see, no text is included in this email example. A product launch announcement email is sent with the purpose of announcing the launch of a new product, new feature, new release, or an upcoming event related to a product.. As discussed above, it is a great way for (personal) brands to expose their new product or service to their already existing subscriber database, effectively increasing the traffic … This week WeWork announced a rebranding. Sample Announcements For Rolling Out a New Brand.

This leaves the door open for clients to look you up in your next role. We are very excited to announce that we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020 and to coincide with this we are rebranding our company as MyGroupSolutions. When you have developed your new updated logo, try posting it on social media. Rebranding announcement. Therefore, you will most likely be changing your email address as well as your last name. We are very excited to announce that we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020 and to coincide with this we are rebranding our company as MyGroupSolutions. It is essential to involve your consumers in change and make them a part … Use the letter to thank your clients and express how much you enjoyed working with them. It’s about helping your company, and your customers, make the switch gradually and confidently to a company that demonstrates how it aligns with the very same values it presents to its customers every day. Rebranding a Company . 4.

Occasionally, companies decide to rebrand themselves.

Mention this new email address in your message, and be sure to send the email from the new email address. Announcement emails that have the purpose of introducing a new business, allow a company to reach out to an existing customer base instantly, instead of relying on other media sources, such as TV advertisements or printed media. You’ll see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like our website, Facebook, and Twitter; very soon you’ll see it in all of our products, as well.

If you're staying in the same industry, say that you are looking forward to your paths crossing again. Ask for opinions about the new logo in the comments of your post and direct it toward loyal customers. Today, after seventeen years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, and font.

Product launch announcement templates. This will get customers used to the idea before you officially make the change. Mention any email address change.

Developing a new brand is hard enough, but once you've completed the rebranding, you need to operationalize the new brand. Get Customers Involved In The Ways They Feel Most Comfortable . As a Netflix fan and user, I have always admired their announcement email when it comes to communicating their new releases or teaser campaigns. But an announcement in a general email or with a video message from the President of the company is likely to leave more questions than answers from staff members. A business announcement letter is a letter sent out to vendors and customers that help in declaring an event, change of policy and management or a handover, takeover or merging with another firm. That's why some of the most astute marketers we know, namely our customers, rely on CMR's

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