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save. Join. June 3rd - Bananas. 166. card classic compact. r/learnart: A community advice / critique panel, much in the vein of /r/learnprogramming.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ever wonder how someone did that AMAZING painting and want … Draw For Me r/ DrawForMe.

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Posted by. new. Posts. r/DrawForMe: This is a request forum for people who would like to see their ideas, photos, and concepts created by by both paid and volunteered … Press J to jump to the feed. Drawing is a skill, not a talent. Join. hot. hot. Lesson 1 250 Box Challenge Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Cylinders Challenge Lesson 6 25 Wheel Challenge Lesson 7. hot. Log in sign up. card. r/drawing: This is a subreddit for artists who particularly enjoy drawing and/or are interested in sharing their techniques. 27 days ago. new. RGD Discord Server . Sketchdaily: Your daily sketch! Alt theme: soda. It doesn't matter if you can draw or not, with practice you can be the best. Good luck! new. It doesn't matter if you can draw or not, with practice you can be the best. Artist Directory Artist Network. User account menu. card classic compact. top. Submission Tips RGD Wall of Fame. Lessons. Best of RGD Winner (x10), Annual Award Winner (2017, 2018) 2 days ago.

With the tremendous amount of free time I've recently gained, I'd like to learn a few things about drawing-- specifically on my iPad using Procreate.

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