La série des Cathédrales de Rouen est un ensemble de 40 tableaux peints par Claude Monet représentant principalement des vues du portail occidental de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen (deux autres tableaux représentent la cour d'Albane), peintes à des angles de vues et des moments de la journée différents, réalisées de 1892 à 1894. Die Kathedrale von Rouen ist eine 33 Gemälde umfassende Bilderserie von Claude Monet, die zwischen 1892 und 1894 entstand. Claude Monet (1840–1926) painted Normandy’s famous Rouen Cathedral over thirty times. [1] As trinta e uma pinturas da série pretendiam capturar a fachada da catedral em horas diferentes do dia e do ano, e refletir sobre os resultados obtidos sob diferentes condições de iluminação. Western Façade – a Monet Favorite. It was famously painted by Impressionist artist Claude Monet in a series of 28 paintings showing the façade at different times of the day. The Rouen Cathedral series of oil paintings of the Rouen Cathedral were done by Claude Monet in the 1890s.

A série da Catedral de Ruão (Catedral de Notre-Dame de Rouen) foi pintada em 1890 pelo impressionista francês Claude Monet. Rouen ’s most prestigious monument is indeniably the lofty and imposing cathedral. When Monet painted the Rouen Cathedral series, he had long since been impressed with the way light imparts to a subject a distinctly different character at different times of the day and the year, and as atmospheric conditions change. - Claude Monet: "The Portal of Rouen Cathedral, "le Portal vu de face", harmony in brown". ‘Rouen Cathedral’ was created in 1893 by Claude Monet in Impressionism style. Entre les années 1892 et 1893, Claude Monet peint une série de toiles de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen. Le peintre exécutera pas moins d’une trentaine de toiles prenant la Cathédrale comme modèle. Monet painted more than thirty views of Rouen Cathedral in 1892-93. They each show the changes in the way the cathedral looks under different lighting conditions. The Rouen Cathedral is a fantastic subject for this demonstration due to the many varied edges, shadows and shapes. Moving from one canvas to another as each day progressed, he painted the facade with highly textured brushstrokes that convey the aspect of sculpted stone and make the atmosphere and light palpable. Die Bilder zählen zu den Höhepunkten in … Monet showed 20 of the 30 extant Cathedral works, among them this one, as a group in an 1895 exhibition. The western façade of Rouen Cathedral is the largest of any church in France. The paintings in the series each capture the front of the cathedral at different times of the day and year. 1894. Monet skillfully selected colors which clearly It is one of the most exquisite pieces of pure Flamboyant work existing. He used the Rouen Cathedral as the subject in 28 paintings which I could find, all of which were painted between 1892 and 1894. It is also the tallest cathedral in France with its spire reaching 151 metres high.

Find more prominent pieces of cityscape at – best visual art database. Sie zeigt die Kathedrale von Rouen in verschiedenen Lichtsituationen und zum Teil mit geringen Variationen des Standpunktes. There are more than thirty paintings in the series. The new qualities of Monet's series paintings were given concentrated expression in the Rouen Cathedral paintings, in which the stone facade fills the canvases. Il peint à partir de différents points de vue et à différentes heures du jour. A partire da Febbraio del 1892, il pittore tornò nuovamente a Rouen per proseguire la serie di dipinti sulla chiesa gotica; con questo ritorno alla città, Monet scelse come luogo per osservare il soggetto delle sue opere, il camerino di un ex negozio di lingerie, molto vicino alla sua precedente abitazione. Monet painted more than thirty views of Rouen Cathedral in 1892–93.

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