This is generally considered the last evolutionary modification of the French Model 1886 Lebel Infantry Bayonet, the French Model 1886/15 Modified Lebel or Fusil Bayonet, and the French Model 1886 Shortened Lebel Bayonet (aka 1886/35), all made for the various WWI and WWII era "Lebel… France M1914 Remington Rolling Block. vintage original french m1886/93/16 lebel shortened bayonet and scabbard. Watch the auction as a guest You have been outbid.

This weapon was officially modified in 1915 by removal of its hook quillon. yatagan. ericthehun1. EB1 - The famous Crank Handle bayonet, one of the few ersatz bayonets for which a maker can be attributed as the makers mark is clearly marked on every blade.

WW1 LEBEL RIFLE BAYONET AND SCABBARD WITH FROG.In good condition. BAYO 290 - BAYO 290 This is the final version of the M1870 Vetterli bayonet which has had the original 20.375 inch blade officially shortened to 9.125inches and had the quillon removed. Cross guard nearly all removed just a finger guard on lower surface and welded up and pommel reshaped, Top slot ground or filled. France M1842/59. Hello, I am rather new to collecting bayonets and I'm seeking more info concerning a French M1886 bayonet I own. Your bid or registration is pending approval with the auctioneer.

FRENCH 1886 LEBEL Bayonet Scabbard Leather Frog Shortened Blade WW1 & WW2 - $187.73. I have a Lebel Bayonet without the curved quillion that I bought back about 1954 from the WWll vet that picked it up in Europe.

Short versions are scarce to find compared to long variants. $119.00 + $10.00 shipping . I know that a uncut long lebel/ berthier bayonet is correct, but could a modified short one also be used? You are considering a vintage Lebel Bayonet, aka the Rosalie. thanks,Andy yatagan. International bidders are welcome, but please be advised that seller is not responsible for ANY customs or postal problems and returns are not an option. (all I know) I bought a huge collection from him, mostly battlefield pickup stuff according to him, (I was 14 years old) because he was going to China as a missionary. It’s a cool collectible and something to add to a bayonet collection. French 1886 Lebel shortened for use by the Germans with a period shortened scabbard having a domed end riveted into the base of the scabbard Fighting knife converted from Austrian 1895 bayonet, including cut down scabbard It also has the benefit of matching numbers to the hilt quillon and scabbard. VINTAGE ORIGINAL FRENCH M1886/93/16 Lebel Shortened Bayonet Scabbard And Frog - $159.00. You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction. It has a serial number of 95942. French Model 1886 Lebel Bayonet "Shortened" (aka 1886/35) This is a cruciform - 4-edged - blade that is nothing more than a "pig-sticker". An epee bayonet, designed by Colonel Capdeveille, was adopted for the rifle at the same time.

France M1841 Mutzig bayonet.

Just a quick question, not sure if anyone else has asked it yet but which bayonets are correct for a french paoli?

1886/91/16/35 short bayonet w/scabbard & frog.

It comes with its metal scabbard. Condition of the Bayonet. french lebel mdl. The hole in the cross guard is there to allow a … WW1 / WW2 French 1886/93/16 Epee Lebel Bayonet (Officially Modified 1915 By Quillon Removal), Scabbard & Original Leather Frog .

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