The visible light spectrum is made up of various wavelengths, each corresponding to different colors. They are used by the optic organs of humans and animals.

The technology uses fluorescent lamps (ordinary lamps, not special communications devices) to transmit signals at 10 kbit/s, or LEDs for up to 500 Mbit/s over short distances. Light waves can also be made using … Other properties of the visible light spectrum include wave-particle duality, dark absorption lines and high speed. Visible Light is used to see colors on earth and to see period.

You can view certain things using the UV light that are not visible to the naked eye. In [21] , an ultra-high speed full duplex, LAN based on star topology architecture using LED visible light communication is proposed to provide a speed of more than 10-Gb/s and tested for massive users. Modern science has incorporated the visible light spectrum into many electronic devices in use today.

Visible light wavelengths run from 400 nanometers for violet light to 700 nanometers which is represented by red light. The visible light spectrum is located within a wavelength range of 380 to 740 nanometers (nm) or frequency range of 405 to 790 terahertz (THz). There are lights like an electric bulb, fireworks and other sources of light rays, with their shiny rays, we can see things and make a dark room visible. Hence, it is called visible light. Not sure I understand exactly what you intend when you ask HOW it can be used. Herein, we report the use of a thiophene-based covalent triazine framework (CTF) as pure organic and visible-light-active photocatalyst for the selective oxidation of alcohols at room temperature. all visible light starts at the sun ; therefore , photosynthesis uses visible in that manner. Some of them are mentioned below: For performing scientific experiments by scientists, researchers, technicians, and students; Lasers emitting visible light are used in laser pointers, laser surgery, and cutting of metals Such technologies include MP3 players, touchpad devices, LCD computer monitors, cell phone screens and TV screens.

This is the main and most important use of visible light in the modern world. THE SUN'S CORONA. Lasers are used in Compact Disc & DVD players, where the light is reflected from the tiny pits in the disc, and the pattern is detected and translated into sound or data.

Modern science has incorporated the visible light spectrum into many electronic devices in use today. The kind of light humans can see with their eyes is called visible light. This light is used by the detectives and other companies for inspection of documents, forged bank notes, etc. As the Sun sends so much light towards our planet, we've evolved to make use of those particular wavelengths in order to sense our environment. Such technologies include MP3 players, touchpad devices, LCD computer monitors, cell phone screens and TV screens. On the electromagnetic spectrum, UV light falls between visible light and X-rays and can be split into UVA or near UV, UVB or middle UV, and UVC or far UV. The main benefit of visible light is that it allows us to see objects, thereby leading to many applications. The electromagnetic spectrum comprises the span of all electromagnetic radiation and consists of many subranges, commonly referred to as portions, such as visible light or ultraviolet radiation.

Visible light is any electromagnetic wave (or photon if you want the quantum equivalent) that lies in the blue to red color region of the spectrum. Too much light can cause damage to the retina. Today, a broad range of light bulbs and lamps exist, from the early types of incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent lights, to light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Every device that has a viewable screen creates and emits visible light, which your eye perceives as a picture.

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