Poblano peppers are considered mildly spice (ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 Scoville heat units. It’s the stuff magical tacos are made of.

Transfer the cream to a bowl and serve at room temperature. Green sauce. They have a rich and smoky flavor and are used to make Chili Relleno. I also add in some cilantro, garlic and lime juice for a balance of flavors. Process until smooth. When shopping for Poblano peppers, keep in mind that they may be sold as "Pasilla Peppers" by mistake. Share this. In addition to the roasted poblano peppers I added some garlic and green onion to the crema for even more flavour and some cilantro and lime juice for a bit of brightness. And I used crème fraiche for my ‘crema’ because it was easy to find. Poblano peppers have a mild heat that makes them perfect for something like this and roasting them mellows them out an bit and adds a nice smokiness to them. No seriously, most of the time people’s favorite taco joint is determined not by the tacos themselves, but who has the best green sauce. When dried, "Poblano Peppers" are known as "Ancho Peppers." In a food processor, combine the poblanos, crema (or sour cream or yogurt), garlic, cayenne and salt. Poblano crema – one green sauce to rule them all. This Roasted Poblano Crema is my twist on a regular crema because it really packs in the flavor with the roasted Poblano pepper mixed into the puree.

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